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We transform Living into Entertainment

 We want the kitchen to be a place that enriches people's lives, not just a place for cooking.

We propose the kitchen as the heart of a home's interior design.  At Toyo Kitchen Style,

we introduce kitchen-centered lifestyles with a unique style perspective that sets us apart in Japan.

In 2023, Toyo Kitchen Style Shop Hawaii celebrated our grand opening at Ward Centre in Honolulu.

We are pleased to present our first store in the US from Hawaii.


Designs that transform your living space into entertainment

Our expertise lies in crafting kitchen designs that define global excellence. Beyond mere functionality, a kitchen should enrich one’s life. In Japan, Toyo Kitchen has been a pioneer in the concept of incorporating a colander into the design of the kitchen. A captivating design at the core of your home transforms everyday living into an extraordinary experience.



A history of innovation that has changed the kitchen

Experience a history of kitchen innovation. The concept of a functional "system kitchen" originated in the 1970s. Since the 1980s, a growing emphasis on design and luxurious living has emerged. Today, people are pursuing richer lifestyles. At Toyo Kitchen, we introduce kitchen-centered lifestyles with a unique style perspective that sets us apart in Japan.


Founded in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture as ``Toyo Tableware Manufacturing Limited Partnership'', we manufacture stainless steel cutlery and Western tableware that utilize the skills of our craftsmen.
By devising the now common manufacturing method ``Monaka structure'', the lightweight and easy-to-handle stainless steel knives have become a big hit.



Where Beauty Meets Function in the Heart of the Home

No matter how stunning a design may be, a kitchen that's hard to use serves little purpose beyond decoration. Since the kitchen is a space for sharing life, we aim for not just aesthetic appeal but also user-friendliness and comfort. We've prioritized functionality through features like the 'Parallel Sink,' 'Zero Workflow,' and efficient 'Airflow' to ensure ease of use.

Zero top to minimize the distance 
between sink and stove

In order to create a Zero flow kitchen without moving a single step during cooking work in a kitchen that requires a lot of horizontal movement, it was necessary to minimize the distance between the sink and stove [Zero Top]. The design allows the user to reach both the sink and the stove, eliminating any waste in the cooking flow line.



Elevating Stainless-Steel Craftsmanship Since Inception. 

Since our inception, we've constantly improved our stainless-steel craftsmanship. Our innovative techniques rely on skilled artisans to handcraft each kitchen with meticulous care. Our skilled craftsmen demonstrate their expertise and unwavering dedication in every aspect of the process, from sheet metalwork to welding and polishing. Our commitment is to provide our customers with quality that leaves them entirely satisfied. 



Beyond Kitchens: Curated Home Furnishings and Interior Solutions

In addition to kitchen products, we offer a range of home furnishings, including furniture, lighting, tiles, art, and fashion items. We take pride in representing exclusive brands like Moooi from the Netherlands. Our products are sourced globally, reflecting a unique perspective. Our dedicated coordinators provide all-encompassing interior solutions for your entire home, with a focus on making the kitchen the centerpiece. 

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