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TOYO KITCHEN STYLE: A Journey of Culinary Design Evolution


Founded in 1934 in Gifu City, Japan, TOYO KITCHEN STYLE has consistently redefined the kitchen's role, emphasizing its place in life's enjoyment beyond mere cooking.  


In 1985, we introduced a modern kitchen unit with a focus on interior design, using traditional Japanese "Urushi" lacquer. A year later, we initiated system kitchen manufacturing, presenting the "URBAN CORE" kitchen concept as the heart of the home. By 1991, our "TOYO KITCHEN = Design" image gained worldwide recognition, blending Italian and Japanese cultures in the "SPIGA DUE" kitchen design. 

In 1997, we introduced the innovative "3D Sink" and "Airflow," creating the "COOKING CORE iNO" kitchen for authentic cooking and interior design. "CREA Sy" received prestigious design awards in 1999, and in 2001, we pioneered the concept of the island kitchen in Japan with "BAY's BAY." In 2004, we were the first to propose coordinating colander with kitchens. "ISOLA.U" won the Good Design Award in 2005, and in 2008, we adopted the brand concept of "living in the kitchen." 


By 2014, we embraced the theme "Living as Entertainment," changing our name to "Toyo Kitchen Style Co., Ltd." and becoming the exclusive distributor for the renowned Italian interior brand "Kartell" in Japan. In 2016, we introduced the "Parallel" sink for a zero-motion kitchen, and in 2017, our "FINESSE" design received international recognition. 


TOYO KITCHEN STYLE's journey has consistently evolved, placing the kitchen at the heart of living and design, transforming culinary spaces into masterpieces of artistry and innovation. 

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